How to choose a duty free shop

You are going on vacation. Abroad. By plane. You and a lot of money. And most importantly - they are already spent at exactly the moment when one of the mourners said, "Well, sit down on the track." All they are not. They can spend and do not count. In the locker no return.

You can begin to spend them in the shop duty free at the airport of departure, as you can - save every penny euro, but still - the remains of the money will be lowered before the vozvrasheniya in duty free shops.

And here is the store - a long time spent money will start to hold TOAD. "A-ah," she says, "in duty free at home this wonderful bottle cost 15 euros cheaper." Or vice versa - "I bought glasses departure? And here, for the money, and could pick up the scarf to your purse. "

In order not to fall into such a situation - I made this site. Shorts put in a suitcase - went to the site - chose Stores - Compare Prices - decided. Of course, to save still will not work, but you can bring home more. Or take away more where local bartenders in the guise of whiskey, trying to sell to some swill. "Thank you, we have with you!"

Site need your help

Alone, it is impossible to create a reliable base for all duty-free shops. I ask for your help. This is not difficult. In anticipation of departure still do nothing. Go to the duty free shop, copy on paper some prices and names of the goods (as I guided only by alcohol), and then write to me, do not forget to specify the airport.

Too lazy to rewrite? When you purchase you will be given a check - it has a name and price. Cameras are at all.

There communicator - all excellent. Most likely - the airport has Wi-Fi. Go to the site and Drives a price right here (in development).

You clerk Duty Free? Your name will be engraved in gold letters on the website (as well as regular suppliers and other information) in exchange for information on prices.

Running constantly in promotional tour? Change the information on the placement of an advertising banner on the website of your travel agency.